CSS Community Service

The first week before school for freshman at St Scholastica is a time referred to as August Adventures.  During this week incoming first-year students have the opportunity to participate in one of 3 different programs:  CSO (Community Service Orientation), MLO (Multicultural Leadership Orientation), and SOAR (Student Outdoor Adventure Retreat).  JJ elected to take part in the CSO program and had a great time doing it.  During the day they worked at a variety of locations doing everything from pulling weeds at the Hartley Nature Center to building sound barricades at Animal Allies, to pulling up old carpeting and moving furniture for a local church.  But it wasn’t all labor… the evenings were filled with events both on campus and off visiting Canal Park, watching movies and getting to know one another.   Who wouldn’t have a big grin??? He’s the only guy in a group with 9 women. 🙂