Saints topple Knights

CSS hosted the Knights from Martin Luther College last night in what was expected to be a route to get the Saints back on track for conference play. That wasn’t the case.

The Knights came in aggressive on defense and strong on the boards making the game VERY tight. That in combination with the Saints still just not playing solid team basketball consistently led to some very tense moments amongst fans and coaches alike. There are flashes of brilliance in this Saints team, but it only comes when they are moving the ball and playing as a team. WAY TO OFTEN we see the me me me attitude that eats at a team like a virus because bad decisions are almost always the result… that leads to bad shots… discontent between teammates… and ultimately losses.

Final score was Saints 64, Knights 55.

Up next (this coming Saturday 1/5/19) is UNW in St Cloud. This is one of the schools that was recruiting JJ for both basketball and baseball, so will be interesting to see coaches again. UNW is showing to be a fairly strong team this year. Hopefully the Saints come to play… as a team.

HINDSITE CORNER – why are we backing away from a double team? When you see the double team forming and coming from the 45 left and right, DRIVE right between them, DO NOT WAIT for them to come to you. Finish strong and take the foul that is bound to come as players try to recover and change direction. Frequently this will generate a one on one situation once you blow past the first line of trapping defenders, Euro or jump stop kick the ball out… it opens up the offense when you penetrate the defense. Instead we seem content to just wander around the perimeter and hope that we get a glimpse of a shot in the 19 to 21 seconds or so we have once we get up the floor. Obviously just one coaches opinion, but the way things are NOT shaping up this year… maybe time to try something new?

~ The Management